Forest Green (Sleeping and Awakening)
Beautiful Data: According to Pasi

a multi channel video installation by Agnes Meyer-Brandis, 2018



In cooperation with: Pasi Kolari,
SMEAR Station Hyytiälä Finland / University Helsinki and Climate Whirl.

Software: Christian Dietz
Sound: Michael Moser
Data: Pasi Kolari and Mikko Peltoniemi

Duration: 27 minutes

The last work by Agnes Meyer-Brandis, a video installation under the Beautiful Data Series was presented Copenhagen on 15th June, 2018 in the scope of the Green Friday at the National Gallery of Denmark and in the program of SLSAeu Green Conference 13- 16 June 2018.

In the 2-channel video work, the artist uses the material recorded by the web-cams in different field stations in boreal forest. The imagery was created for scientific monitoring of phenomenological events during one year’s period and edited by Meyer-Brandis into a meditative series of blinks of the Finnish landscape.

The work is based to a conversation between the artist and Pasi Kolari, researcher at the Institute for Atmospheric and Earth System Research (INAR) at University of Helsinki. Kolari was asked for a piece of “beatiful data” and gave Agnes a curve, that visualises the amount of green colour, the chlorophyll, in the boreal forest.

In the video work, rapidly changing glimpses reflect the colour palette of the nature and the year’ s cycle. While the daily lightning conditions and nature’s yearly phenomena change in the repetitive photo in one video channel, the second channel reveals and synthesises the predominant colour of the landscape of each image, calculated by a tailor-made software by Christian Dietz. The moving image is completed with the sound track, echoing the blinking colour narration, composed and played by Michael Moser.

The time series of images are originated from field stations of the University of Helsinki, located at Punkaharju, Sodankylä, Kenttärova and Värriö.