Hyytiälän metsäasema on vuosikymmeniä ollut metsätieteiden opiskelijoiden ja tutkijoiden määränpää ja majapaikka. Asemalla on järjestetty kenttäkursseja ja tutkimuskampanjoita, juhlittu vuosijuhlia ja tehty perustutkimusta. Aseman viehättävä miljöö; historialliset hirsirakennukset, moderni kurssikeskus ja ympäröivä metsä antavat mahdollisuuden rauhalliseen syventymiseen, mutta myös yllättäviin kohtaamisiin. Tutkijoita ja asiantuntijoita koko maailmasta käy tekemässä mittauksia tai vaihtamassa tuoreimpia ajatuksia Hyytiälän metsäasemalla .

Paikka kutsuu tekemään tutkimusta, oli se sitten tieteellistä tai taiteellista. Se on myös ihanteellinen monitieteisten metsästä inspiroituvien työpajojen järjestämiseen. Ilmastopyörre-hankkeen aikana on toteutettu kaksi metsätieteitä ja taiteita punovia työpajoja. Ensimmäinen, Tealemetree Workshop järjestettiin Agnes Meyer-Brandisin taiteilija-residenssin puitteissa elokuussa 2014 ja toinen, The Art of Measuring the Woods, metsätutkijoiden Elisa Halmeenmäen, Janne Korhosen, Kourosh Kabirin ja taiteilija Mari Keski-Korsun johdattamana huhtikuussa 2015. Ulla Taipale koordinoi molemmat työpajat.

Pyrimme tarjoamaan jokaisen taiteilija-residenssin päätteeksi uusia näkökulmia avaavan työpajan, seuraavaa on kaavailtu vuodeksi 2017.

TEALEMETREE * Workshop by Agnes Meyer-Brandis
29-31st August, 2014

The workshop started as an expedition into the forest and the SMEAR II Station at Hyytiälä Forestry Field Station.

It continued as a journey into the soil, into the trees, into the clouds and the hovering matter in between, finally leading the participants into the realm of smallness. The 13 participants investigated the experiments and data that have been produced at the research station. Their own experiments we developed and lots of samples of the invisible were taken. On the way berries, data, aerosols and questions were collected and finally, communicated.

Beside all that we had many teas with trees, and new languages were developed - to enable a fluent communication between the harvesters and the harvested.

* Tea= a traditional beverage made from steeping the processed leaves, buds in water.
Telemetry= The word is derived from Greek roots: tele = remote, and metron = measure.
Tree= There is no universally recognised precise definition of what a tree is, neither botanically nor in common language.

QUESTIONS inspired during the 3-day workshop

Tea or coffee?
Where are the animals?
Is tea making creating decomposition of destruction?
Do people emit more laughing gas when they are laughing?
Do you prefer wild cloud tea or artificial cloud tea?
Does the value of the ingredients change depending on taste? What creates value?
Are the tools a part of tea making?

Why so much noise? In the wood? Does it affect the measurements?
If all the different people in Juupajoki / Hyytiälä make they chambers, does this create a ”gold” standard for consistent measurement at Hyytiälä or is this specific to the aesthetics/data collection here at this location?
Does the methodology of science expand or restrict the creative process and vice versa, creative -> science?
If the tools have names, do they also have a say in the data?
Define: ironical
Can we make up new words to explain our work or do we need to use existing language to describe what we do?

What is Objective Art vs. Subjective Science? Can we improve each by considering these states?
What could all the data that we throw away tell us?
How does it scale?

What cannot be measured in the forest?
What is the method to find methods?
Does it matter if it matters?
What is objectivity?

Can your intervention be (mis)used, e.g. for military purposes?
Is data meaningful?

Kuvagalleria TEALEMETREE * Workshop

The Art of Measuring the Woods Workshop
8-10th April, 2015

The second Climate Whirl workshop combined practical and philosophical questions around scientific measuring in a forestry field station. It introduced the participants methodologies used in the natural scientific and eco-socially engaged artistic research.

This hands-on workshop leaders introduced the participants to the construction of scientific and DIY tools for measuring and converting the forest into the data. We built chamber systems with environmental and forestry scientists Elisa Halmeenmäki and Janne Korhonen, calculated the albedo with artist Mari Keski-Korsu and the growth of the trees with forest scientist Kourosh Kabiri, and discussed artistic and scientific approaches to the climate change studies, and, analyzed the collected data from different view points.

Participants got experience how the theoretical thinking of the researcher affects the results he/she will get. The 3-days workshop happened mostly outdoors, in the woods surrounding the Hyytiälä Research Station facilities, where we found a spot without snow. Birch sap was collected and consumed to celebrate the spring! Workshop was coordinated and designed by Ulla Taipale and Janne Korhonen.

Elisa Halmeenmäki is MSc and PhD student of environmental sciences, and her research is about methane emissions in boreal forest. The main method is chamber measurements, from forest floor and trees. As environmental scientist she has a diverse background of studies related to environmental protection.

Kourosh Kabiri is Iranian forest scientist that has background studies in forestry in Iran (Agricultural University of Gorgan and University of Tehran). Currently he lives in Finland and is a member of the Forest Ecophysiology group at University of Helsinki where he is studying the structural regularities in Scots pine in Hyytiälä Research Station.

Mari Keski-Korsu is an interdisciplinary artist who explores how ecological and socio-economical changes manifest in people’s everyday life. How macrocosm becomes microcosm and visa versa? Her works have a political nature but they tend to also have a humorous twist. Often, the starting point is in location, a place and people’s relations to it and collaborations with different kinds of communities and individuals - including other species. She is interested in relations in between art, activism, politics and science. Her work have been exhibited in Europe and in many other countries around the world.

Janne Korhonen is an atmospheric scientist, working as a doctoral student at Department of Forest Sciences at University of Helsinki. His main research interest is transport of carbon and nitrogen compounds inside forest, as well as between forests and the atmosphere. In addition to his research, Janne is working on Climate Whirl project, focusing on intersection between science and arts, popularization of science and science education.

Kuvagalleria The Art of Measuring the Woods Workshop