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Berliinissä asuva Agnes Meyer-Brandis kertoo performanssi-luennollaan vuosina 2013-14 SMEAR II -asemalla Ilmastopyörre-residenssissä aloittamastaan projektista, joka myöhemmin on jatkunut muilla eurooppalaisilla metsäasemilla. Luento pyörii teekupposen ympärillä ja vie yleisön metsään, pilviin ja välillä leijailevaan aineeseen. Se on matka pienuuden valtakuntaan.


Agnes Meyer-Brandis

Agnes Meyer-Brandis, born 1973 in Aachen, Germany, studied mineralogy for a year, then transfered to the Art Academy in Maastricht, the Düsseldorf Art Academy and the Cologne Media Art Academy. She comes from a background of both sculpture and new media art. Her work, exhibited worldwide and awarded, is exploring the zone between fact and fiction - an artistic research on the quest for a degree of reality within constructions. 

In 2003 Agnes Meyer-Brandis is the founder of the Forschungsfloss FFUR / Research Raft for Subterranean Reefology, a constantly transforming meta-installation in the scope of an Institute for Art and subjective Science, that continuously adds to her Tools to Search series. Based on an artistic experiment in weightlessness conducted in cooperation with the German Space Agency DLR in 2007 her work concluded in a series of realisations dedicated to gravity, flying, floating and falling, manifesting themselves in various installations such as the cloud generating work Inside the Tropospheric Laboratory (2010), the Moon Goose Colony based in Italy (since 2011, ongoing) and experiments on meteor impact prevention such as 42 in Morocco, 2014. Her recent works take place in the framework of european forestry stations. They are related to tree migration and climate research, concluding in pieces such as Have a Tea with a Tree (2013) in Hyytiälä, Finland, the start up the Global Teacup Network (2014) and the movie series Among Trees (2015). For a more detailed description of her work, please go to her homepage: www.ffur.de

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