Meteorological phenomena and climate change portrayed in cinema are presented in an unique and fascinating way by Academy professor (professor of Meteorology) Timo Vesala. His presentation: 
From Vertigo to Blue Velvet; connotations of climate change and movies
includes scenes from cinema and some surprises, and therefore the plot of the presentation is not revealed in advance. 
Movies are a passionate interest of Timo Vesala. He is a regular quest for example at Sodankylä Film Festival. Together with his colleague Eija Juurola, he has organized a cinema club at the University campus in Kumpula for over eight years. 
At work at the Department of Physics in University of Helsinki, he studies material flows in the environment, and meteorological phenomena related to surface – atmosphere interactions. The research on biogeochemical cycling is especially related to carbon and water cycling between soil and the atmosphere. The research subjects include forests, wetlands, aquatic systems and urban areas. The research stations built in these environments are among the longest-operated and the most utilized worldwide. The time-series of flux measurements at lake are the longest in the world. Vesala, together with the research group of docent Anne Ojala has published the first and currently only study of river gas exchange by using some new revolutionary micrometeorological technique.  
Timo Vesala has acquired approx. 20 million € of project funding. He has been working as a reviewer in IPCC report, considering carbon and other biogeochemical cycling. Vesala has been supervisor in 26 master's theses and 26 doctoral dissertations in the fields of physics, meteorology, forest ecology and environmental sciences. Vesala has published approximately 310 scientific articles in international peer-reviewed journals.