Forest - Climate - Time
5-6.4.2017, Helsinki

The subtle changes happening over the course of long periods of time can be understood via persistent work, trial and error, and through broad observation and thought combining various disciplines. 

Forest-Climate-Time gives the floor to the explorers of climates, life and time, for those who approach their research topics from multiple angles. Neither subjects nor viewpoints are tied to certain disciplines or species. Instead, we look for encounters and interplay between sciences, arts, people, trees and other organisms.

The Climate Whirl project is rooted in the cross-disciplinary research being undertaken at the Helsinki University Hyytiälä Forestry Field station and SMEAR II station in Finland. We look for new models of though and action, that might shake traditional ways of making, but that enable encounters in new, different levels (experience-emotions-knowledge). 

The guests are academy professor Timo Vesala (University of Helsinki), artist Agnes Meyer-Brandis (DE), filmmaker Lotta Petronella, historian Laura Hollsten (Åbo Akademi), professor emeritus Ilppo Vuorinen (University of Turku), sound artist Lau Nau, artist group IC-98 (FI) and professor emeritus of Environmental Politics Yrjö Haila (University of Tampere). Forest Cocktail by chef Sami Tallberg. The workshops are lead by forest ecologists Kourosh Kabiri, Janne Korhonen (University of Helsinki) and artist Mari Keski-Korsu (FI). The program is curated by Ulla Taipale, and, supported by Kone Foundation and Goethe-Institut Finnland.

The event will be realised during a 2-day programme in April 2017;

  • a seminar on Wednesday 5th April at WHS Theatre Union, (Siltavuorenranta 18, Helsinki), free entrance
  • an active trekking and exploration day on Thursday 6th April at Vuosaari territory, forest and a sauna, registration fee 20€.

Program on Wednesday 5th April,2017

13:00 Welcome and introduction to the program

Phd (For.) Eija Juurola and curator Ulla Taipale

13:15 Academy professor Timo Vesala, Department of Physics, University of Helsinki

From Vertigo to Blue Velvet; connotations of climate change and movies

Professor Vesala presents excerpts of films and parallels those to his research around greenhouse gases, forests, peatlands, rivers, aerosols and energy.


14:15 Artist Agnes Meyer-Brandis (DE)

Have a Tea with a Tree

Performance lecture by Berlin based artist Agnes Meyer-Brandis, on her ongoing projects developed at the SMEAR II research station at Hyytiälä (FI), and other forest research stations in Europe. The lecture will speculate on a cup of tea and take the audience into the woods, the clouds and the hovering matter in between. Its a journey into the realm of smallness.

Tea break 30 min

15:45 Panel

Change of Climate and State of Mind - The Ticks as Indicators of Change

Lotta Petronella, artist and filmmaker moderates a session with former director of the Seili Archipelago Research Institute of University of Turku, professor emeritus Ilppo Vuorinen, historian Laura Hollstén (Åbo Akademi),
and sound artist Lau Nau.



IC-98: Nekropolis

Artists Patrik Söderlund and Visa Suonpää (IC-98) present their animation film Nekropolis (2016) and the thinking behind the work.

18:30 Yrjö Haila

Whirl, turbulence, and historical imagination

Yrjö Haila, professor of environmental policy (emeritus) at the University of Tampere.

20:00 Forest cocktail by chef Sami Tallberg at the bar of WHS Theatre Union

Program on Thrusday 6th April, from 10 until 22

Forest - Climate - Time; active day for explorations to Vuosaari forest, territory and a sauna

An active trekking and exploration day with three workshop demonstrations lead by forest researchers Janne Korhonen, Kourosh Kabiri (University of Helsinki) and artist Mari-Keski-Korsu.

Forests are in continuous interaction between the atmosphere. Forests give, but they also take. These phenomena can be studied by measuring the exchange of gases between forests and the atmosphere. Janne familiarizes how this invisible processes can be measured, and discuss what do the measurements tell us, and what do they not. Kourosh gives an introduction to the growth of the trees, the hidden knowledge and meanings that can be found and read in the tree rings using the scientific method. In the end of the day artist Mari Keski-Korsu introduces to the inter-species forest communication trough whisking treatments at Vuosanta sauna, in Beat to the Balance workshop.

The lunch is prepared at a fire and the dinner at sauna. Each participant brings their own food.

Please send a short motivation letter by 17th March to ulla at Max 15 participants.

Participations fee 20€. The payment instructions are given after the registration.

The program is subject to change.

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